The Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu offered the Emperor of Japan (3rd Century a.c.e.) three gifts with teachings to restore order to the earth. The first gift was the jewel necklace of Amaterasu, with the promise that her heart would always be with Japan. The second gift was the sword of Susanowo, Underworld villian who wrecked havock on Japan. The third and most sacred gift was the Mirror of Yata that brought Amaterasu out of the cave of darkness to restore light and life to Japan.

The emperor of Japan placed these three gifts in the Shrine of Ise; the people learned the arts of agriculture, weaving and dance; the country was united under theShinto faith; and the world was restored to order until Amaterasu returns. The Shinto believeone day this Princess of the Sun will return through the mirror.

There is a clue to the return of this Maiden of Heavenly Enlightenment written on the back of this mirror. This writing was recorded by Yutaro Yano, a Shinto believer, who was given special permission by the Ise priest after World War II. The letters Yutaro copied are present in thecenter of the diagram above.Yutaro was inspired to write the text from the back of the mirror upon hearing rumors that sacred symbols from the world religions were written on the back of the mirror. Yutaroes daughter, together with the Shinsei Ryujinkai Shinto believers, felt called after much prayer to reveal the letters to the Emperores family and later to the public in the book of Shinto researcher Wadoh Kohsaka

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