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Thread: B-B-Beat has Landed

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    Cool B-B-Beat has Landed

    Dramatic Entrance!!
    I don't know.
    Hey, I'm "BEAT", just another Japanophile weirdo.
    I like a LOt of things that happen to be Japanese, but not in a creepy smelly otaku or weeaboo way. Let's go through a quick list:
    -I like anime, more importantly One Piece.
    -I find Japanese modern culture to be quite interesting to look at of the huge collision of culture shock & fusion in it.
    -I am a fan of Toho monster movies.
    -I am currently teaching myself Japanese (been about 7 months now.)
    -I think samurai stuff is cool too.
    It's just a Bunch of stuff. I just Like it. Don't try to explain it, that's just how I am.
    I am a 20 year old American, currently in college, and currently confused on what I should be majoring! My Three hobbies is Japan, Music, and Drawing.

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    Welcome to the forum BEAT !

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