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Thread: Partying in Japan FAQ : where are the gaijin-friendly clubs and bars ?

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    Arrow Partying in Japan FAQ : where are the gaijin-friendly clubs and bars ?

    Minimum age

    Firstly, you will need to be 20 years old to enter most night clubs or bars in Japan. 20 is the minimum legal age to smoke or drink alcohol. Even Izakaya (restaurants serving alcohol) won't let people under 20 in, so unless you lie about your age and are lucky enough to be believed without being asked for an ID, you won't get in a night club before that age.

    Where to go clubbing in Tokyo ?

    The most popular areas for partying for young Tokyoites and foreigners alike are Shibuya and Roppongi (+ nearby Nishi-Azabu). This is where international parties are most often held, and the establishment most accustomed to dealing with gaijin are found.

    In Shibuya you will find :


    - Gaspanic
    - La Fabrique
    - Womb (techno, house)
    - Air Tokyo (techno, house)
    - Club Asia

    Bars and gaijin hang-outs

    - Seco Bar
    - Kissa Ginza (hip-hop, jazz, electro)
    - Sonoma restaurant
    - Hobgoblin Pub

    As for Roppongi's night-life :


    - Gaspanic (again)
    - Super-Deluxe
    - Newlex-Edo
    - Club Harlem (hip hop)
    - alife (hip hop)
    - Warehouse702 (house, techno and more)
    - Muse
    - Club Vanilla
    - Velfarre
    - Bullet's
    - Eleven

    Bars and gaijin hang-outs

    - El Caf� Latino (salsa bar)
    - Billboard Live (jazz venue)
    - Fiesta Roppongi (karaoke bar)
    - Bar Isn't it
    - Geronimo shot bar
    - [URL="http://www.mogambo.net/"]Mogambo Caf�/URL]
    - Castillo (70's & 80's bar)
    - Paddy Foley's (Tokyo's first and most famous Irish pub)
    - [URL="http://www.tokyo-sportscafe.com/"]Tokyo Sports Caf�/URL]
    - Hobgoblin Pub

    The night-life scene is by no means restricted to these two areas. One of the biggest and coolest places is Ageha in Shin-Kiba (East Tokyo).

    Other places in Tokyo :

    - Genius in Ginza
    - Club 251 in Shimokitazawa
    - Jazz Spot "J" in Shinjuku
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