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Thread: Your Best Way To Study Chinese

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    Your Best Way To Study Chinese

    You are interested in Chinese culture? You want to come to China to study Chinese? Welcome to Yuming Education Center. We are in Tianjin, which is one of China's four municipalities, is the important economic and financial center in the north, adjacent to the capital Beijing. We will provide you with the best suitable Chinese Courses and other special and interesting trainings such as Peking Opera, calligraphy, material arts (Tai Chi), Chinese Cooking and visits of the scenic tourism. We offer short and long term training to foreigners of different levels of language. We regularly organize summer and winter camps for students of different age, arrange activities of culture exchange for social organization and so on. We will help you to master Chinese in the shortest possible period of time.
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    thank you for this site ,and I'm interesting in Chinese language, but Frankly there is no time for that , English literature and Japanese language for me are so hard .

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    Many thanks! Really interesting...

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    From my viewpoint,the beat way to study Chinese(or other foreign language)is to cultivate the different thinking stylel of the language. If possible,choose to stay in the country where you learn its language for some time.

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    你好人 (I hope I've written well...jejej)

    Very interesting, but I think that for some it would be tricky to make; to other Web resources will be sufficient I think to get into this fascinating culture and language.

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