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Koike Yuriko seems to be a possible choice for the head of the LDP.
Actually I don't think Koike is that plausible of a selection. She doesn't have the requisite support in the her own faction, never mind the party, and Koizumi's standing in the LDP may actually work against her. For several reasons, but in a nutshell being seen as a good opportunist for advancing to hugely important top cabinet positions without putting in the due number of elections as a legislator. Making some really boneheaded calls once up there didn't help either.

But again what worries me is her approach to the Yasukuni issue.
True, she is aligned with the younger generation wave of nationalist ideologues in the LDP. A group that also VERY importantly favors Western-style fiscal reforms, deficit reduction through smaller government and tax reform -- which is where my support for her derives. She's also got vast international experience, particularly in the Middle East (having lived in the region as a fluent speaker of Arabic). Although as I said, Koike's meteoric rise in the LDP hierarchy, leaping around from party to party, blowing through various factions, alliances, etc has probably made too many enemies to be considered the front-runner at this point. Who is, of course, is a very good question. Yosano? Ishihara ? Ishiba ? Maybe that's why Aso wasn't replaced in the run up to this election.