China-US energy efforts would be win-win

Published: June 15 2008 17:34 | Last updated: June 15 2008 17:34

China and the US are two of the largest energy producers and consumers in the world, so it is highly significant that the fourth China-US Economic Dialogue, which will be held in the US this week, will promote long-term co-operation in energy, the environment and other related areas.

The Chinese government gives high priority to energy and resources conservation and the protection of the environment. It is committed to building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society. However, China is a big and populous developing country at a stage of accelerated industrialisation and urbanisation. This has led to heavy consumption of energy and resources and made the task of protecting the environment a daunting one.

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It's good that China can positively work toward serious internal issue of enviromental concerns.I read it sometime ago,China decided to open its door to direct foreign investments in clean-air technology & enviroment-related venture.