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Thread: CDs and DVDs shop in Guangzhou and Hong kong ?

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    CDs and DVDs shop in Guangzhou and Hong kong ?


    I will go this year to Guangzhou and Hong kong and I need you help I want CDs and DVDs shop there that sells Jrock (japanese visual rock) new ones like ALICE NINE , GAZETEE , MIYAVI,.........

    please if you know tell me the Name of the shop or the mall and where to find
    Anata no hohoemi watashi no hohoemi anta no namida watashi no namida SHOU_SAMA

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    I think you can go to there and ask someone.
    I just have gone to Guangzhou once, so I am sorry to tell you that I don't know where you can buy that.
    I haven't been to Hongkong.

    But I hope you will have a good journey and buy something what you need.
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