Let me reply your question, kinjo:

First of all, no one should be hurt because of someone else's opinions. So don't worry, if someone does get hurt, it's their own fault. I appreciate your honest opinion and now I'll share mine. ;)

As for me, I don't think her looks and style are important. Actually, I don't even need to see her in music videos or such in order to like her songs. I'm female, so maybe that's the reason... but still.

Her songs are really good! She's kinda the most mainstream singer I listen to. And as for the nasal voice, I think that's the best part! Really! It's so different and if fits to her songs. But you're somewhat right about some songs, she sings some parts oddly, but most of the time I just like her voice. I think the refrain in "Free & Easy" (konna, konna yogoreta machi de...) part really makes her voice sound good.

I also like Hikki, but her voice is so different. Different in a good way, too. I think Ayumi is better singer than Hikki, though.