China is a on the brink of greatness.

You have a country not so infected with the buy,buy,buy what you cannot afford.
The whole of the US and UK have been at the mercy of a government who encouraged spending so the people are now average age 30 just working to pay debt, not a house just stuff that they never needed and I know someone who retired at 55yrs from his company with other they had to take early retirement.Well all but one of the six used the pay off to pay off credit cards.I imagine that no nest egg, they are free of credit cards interest payments. They worked since they were 16yrs old and still have a mortage to pay on their home so it was back out to work or they could lose their home!!

So maybe whatever it feels like they are really protecting you rather than the leaders that say the right stuff to get the votes then have the people working like rats to pay for things the leaders friends companies are making they encourages everyone to spend..................I know a boy of 19yrs he was offered in the UK 30.000 he is only 19yrs it is madness! He did not take it!

Lies, and murder go on outside of China, the grass is not greener on the other side, do not believe it.