So you are learning Japanese ? What do you think is the difficulty of this language ? Have you learned other languages to compare ?

It's a multiple choice poll. Dont forget to discuss it with other members afterwards.

Please notify me if you'd like to add more choices to the poll.

Personnally I found everything difficult at first, except the pronunciation. The writing has been one of the funniest part for me, so it's not so much a problem. The toughest points were the structure and the particles, but it's got much better. After a few months in Japan, understanding katakatan English becomes natural and I use Japanese cultural expressions in English too.

I'm still sometimes confused by some verb forms and need more vocabulary. Compared to Latin and Germanic languages, Japanese grammar isn't particularily difficult, it's just too different from what I am used to. Ditto for the vocabulary. I even find that the kanji are a great help in understanding new words.