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Thread: Single, childless and happy !

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    Single, childless and happy !

    CNN : Single, childless Japan emerging

    TOKYO, Japan (CNN) -- If you go to a single party in a fashionable part of Tokyo on any given day, you will see successful young professionals who love good food, wine and company.

    They are part of a major social trend in a country where traditions of marriage and family run deep.

    A quarter of all Japanese men in their late 30s and 16 percent of women of the same age are single. Much to the chagrin of their parents who want them to get married, they stay single.
    Many women in Japan still end up having to choose between a career or marriage and children.

    Single motherhood is rare and generally not accepted. And even married mothers can feel unwelcome in the workplace.
    Nagatomo believes women like her stay single because Japanese women have changed while the men and the surrounding social structure have not.

    One might argue over reasons, but the fact is demographers expect the number of single, childless Japan will only keep on growing.

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    Well, thats good to know.

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