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Thread: Foreign parents usually lose their children to Japanese ex-spouse

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    Nov 6, 2003
    English England/Japan

    FOREIGN PARENTS in 99.9% of cases lose their children in JAPAN

    Apart from one child returned and one obtaining visitation - then the following is true for thousands of foreign nationals - and the one person who won spent more than $250,000 US dollars.

    Please check this website:


    If you are married to a Japanese person, and they reside in Japan or your Japanese spouse takes your child or children back to Japan, then you have virtually no hope of seeing your child or children unless the Japanese parent allows this.

    Japan allows children to be taken from any nation in the world, and they will not ratify several child conventions with regards to this matter.

    You may be awarded rights to see your child or children, but this can not be enforced in Japan. I have rights to take my children back to the UK for 7 weeks a year in July and August. However, this agreed order does not mean anything in Japan.

    Since this period my father died of cancer, they would not send one photo of his only two grandchildren. I have a letter signed by a Japanese Christain vicar and his wife, and another Japanese national, who confirm that they helped me once when I carried my two children (one was a 6 week old baby then) to safety from her violence aimed at my daughter. This happened in Saitama Prefecture, in Tokorowzowa.

    Neither the Courts in England and Wales were interested, because the children were born in Japan, and therefore, they deemed that Japan had jurisdiction - despite me at the time being the sole parent while doing my MA in Asia Pacific Studies.

    My children were sent from the UK to Japan; for the Courts of England and Wales stated that I had rights in Japan; and that 7 weeks in one block was sufficient. Of course the judge did not understand Japanese law, and just stated that "Japan is modern." That was it!

    My children also do not have linguistic rights, religious rights, and under UK law I should have been protected by European Law.

    If you check the site above you will see that many nationals all over the world are in the same position.

    I have gone from being a single parent, to seeing my children for three hours in three years. And the only Childrens Court I visited I won and the children stayed with me. What can you do?

    I am now 36, and the last 3 years have been the worse in my life; and now I am trying to find work in Japan. I have an MA in Asia Pacific Studies, and know all about the Meiji period, Showa, and political leaders like Yoshida, Ikeda, Sato, Tanaka, and so forth; and about security issues and economic development in the Sea of Japan.

    Yet I once more have to return to the UK and wait until December before my visa will be sorted out. I then hope I can find work in Japan, so that I can campaign closer to where they reside in Japan - and my only hope is that they will be shamed, with me having letters from Japanese nationals who verify that I protected them.

    Sorry for telling you so much; but it is not easy writing about this.

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    Sorry to hear it. I hope things work out for you and others in similar situations.

    I joined the crc yahoo!group and if I can find the cash I'll send in some in to the head office in Maryland. Let me know of any letter campaigns or things like that. I'm afraid I can be much good living out here in the middle of Nowhere, Japan.
    "It's a d**n poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word."

    - Andrew Jackson

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    This is truely a sad situation, like Mandylion I hope that things will work out for you and all that are involved in these types of situations.
    "its best not to think about it"
    the best advice I ever got

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    All the information on the website above has moved to here now:


    This is probably the best site for this type of information on the internet. Its a must read before marriage, having children with, or divorce from a Japanese citizen. Its also multilingual. Their Lost Parent Pages recently found a child who has been separated from her father for 13 years. Wow.

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    Heart crazy aint it

    im japanese and i have a wife and 8 kids,
    i love my wife and kids to much,so now my kids are u.s.citizens.
    were in japan now but if something gos wrong ill get custody of my kids.
    but i dout anything will go wrong me and my wife love eachother alot,
    if you know what i mean .

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