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Thread: Gang rape "virile and normal"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maciamo
    I maintain that East Asian women have a more relaxed approach to sex than many Western ones, especially those from English speaking countries (with many notable exceptions, but it is the average that counts). There is just no Judeo-Christian concept of "wrong" or "shame" associated to sex in East Asian societies (even in ultra-Christian Philippines). It is not necessarily a bad thing. That means men get to have sex more often and more easily.
    Americans used to have a more relaxed approach to sex (in practice anyway, we've always been puritans at heart) and prostitution was more prevalent, but along came HIV. Too many people who have it are all to willing to pass it on, murdering scumbags! But Americans still have sex more often (times per year) than the Japanese, according to condom surveys anyway. That makes sense to me because if many Japanese men have to pay for it, then that limits the number of times they can do it.
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    gang rape....what the hell....as i said before rape is evil....

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    Here, where I live, I think it's pretty clearl how the general population regard rapists, given that rapists and pedophiles is put in prisons of their own, just to avoid being beaten to death. If it were up to me, I'd put them right in there, to be harassed and beaten - to be on the other side of the deal instead. Fscking wack-jobs.

    As to why there is such a difference, I don't know. But I have the same notion. Maybe the concentration of people is a part of it. Maybe it has some to do with society hierarchy, which leaves some people with desires to be in control once in a while. It might also have to do with the older generation, that still have much of those older values left, but diminshes pretty fast for every generation (eg. coupled with the somewhat "wilder" younger generation today).

    But a very generic notion I have of asian countries, is that the desire for power and wealth (or rather, to display it) seems greater, as well as the desire to humiliate and dishonor each other. Enough with the shoe-licking already, mm'kay?

    Take this as notions of an outsider. I've never been to Japan or any other asian country, to experience it first-hand. That notion builds mostly upon media, and products such as movies and anime. Oh, by the way, Scandinavia have had strong women since the medieval times. Might be the climate, I dunno.

    And other than that, I regard equality as obvious, and should be taken for granted. But feminism sucks, or at least today, and here. The ideas and opinions and view of us men of most of the "public" feminists here is just plain ridiculous, and goes faaar beyond equility. Quotas by law I also regard as bad. Never should a person be employed by sex or ethnic background (or by quotas, for that matter) - the best man or woman for the job, it's so very easy.
    -- Lolife

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    i've been unfortunate to come across a jap webbie that featured rapes... and zomg i'm totally and throughly disgusted. Teachers raping their own student. If rape wasn't enough, they tortured her as well. She definitely did not 'enjoy' it.

    I bet those teachers were never caught... they would taken the webbie down. Just shows how much the government is trying to stop all these. Anyway, even at yahoo.co.jp, its just as easy to find porn (as quoted by a male friend)

    I guess that Japan, still being a male-dominated society, voices of the female won't be heard, or rarely. Even my own language teacher who is a japanese said that! I don't know if its the stress or some sexual cravings that cause the men to do it, but something should be done about it. One can only imagine what happened to the victim of the rape.
    But as a normal, unheard citizen, we can only complain from the sidelines. sad-ed.

    There was a saying that jap people only act polite, but they actually arent. I think i get what it means now.
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    Watching a lot of porn again, huh? I thought it wasn't allowed in Singapore. Anyway, that woman in the video made some money so don't worry too much about it.

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