My bed is faced north (pillow) and I have my fan on but it doesn't seem to work for me. I slept alright last night once I fell asleep but it's falling asleep that's the problem.

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No, because a mirror is flat - but a mirror ball would work very well ;)
Its not the reflection of the cat, but the reflection/refraction of light that does it. You are supposed to half fill a bottle, and lie it down so it can move about a bit, but not having gardens, and having half full bottles would be dangerous, the idea still appears to work.
You are aware that cats carry various parasites and diseases that can have negative effects on humans, as well as on pet cats. I wouldn't get near a stray cat if I were you, and I always thing people are stupid to pet them.
No no no, you should have your head pointing north - ie. your bed lined up so the pillow is at the northern end. Its very important