Protein is only a building block of muslce linked along with some amino acids.... Dont get me started on what a real diet consists of, im sick of reading magazines that show these diets.... there full of poop.

Obeika no I dont look like Jay, but I have only been going to a gym for 2 years. If your asking about muscle I am 217 pounds and in the summer I can rock a six pack yes.

Bodybuilding comes in cycles, gain then cut gain then cut gain then cut. SO in the winter you EAT and EAT and EAT I hit about 7 meals a day in the winter. Now im on a cutting cycle so only 5 meals a day and I lower my calories by about 250 a day for 2 weeks then 400 for two weeks. Then back to normal for 2 days then lower again, this tricks the metabolism into working at full rate with less to work on you shred fat not muscle.

Most people will diet and lose more muslce than fat due to how they diet, sure they might lose up to 60lbs but still 20lbs of fat and the other 40lbs is muscle.

Im no expert but I know how to make the most of my body and I drink more beer than a rugby team in full swing.

When im up to scratch you will get a nice picture on my myspace.