I would agree with Timsan and several others here.

After a heated exchange, Kalia said she jumped into her car to escape, but the policeman forcefully grabbed her arm "so I slapped him two times across the face." [emphasis]
1. She parked in someone else's reserved space.
2. She foolishly engaged in an argument with a police officer.
3. She then tried to "escape."
4. After the police officer dutifully tried to stop her, she struck him.

Her initial error was relatively minor though, as I recall that space is typically at a premium in Japanese cities, it wasn't something which could be simply ignored. But the errors quickly compounded. Why would she possibly believe that her actions would not result in her being forcibly subdued and put in jail?

It sounds to me as if she needs to learn how to behave appropriately and according to some fairly simple societal rules, be it in Japan or anywhere else.

"I can't wait until the day I leave. They really need to change as they can't continue to treat people like this."
An ironic statement, to be sure. Regardless, I would wager that there are some other folks who also can't wait until the day she leaves...