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Thread: Japan : fastfood paradise ?

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    Lawson, the 2nd biggest convenience store chain, announced they would start the kid care service.
    Funeral service industry will be a huge market here. Actually I heard an American entrepreneur is now struggling for the market and the biggest American company is preparing for it.
    I bet the convini will start certain services in the near future.

    Not communism but convinism would offer the cradle to the grave service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nurizeko View Post
    Hmmm by the sounds of it I must have been staying it a relative Combini desert.
    There was only 3 that I knew of it reasonable walking distance.
    A good few more though if you consider longer walks.
    However, supermarket-wise central Tokyo isn't that convenient. There were only 1 medium-size supermarket, and 2 small ones with 10min walk, as opposed to 2 big, 2 medium and 5 small ones (including one which is a tiny combini-size) where I live now.

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    The US is quickly becomming a homogenized hegemony of strip malls, Mega malls, warehouse stores like Home Depot, Costco, and Sam's club, and SuperWalMarts. There seems to be the same McDonald's, Starbucks, 7-11s, a gas station and the same set of specialty stores in every town in every state from California to Florida on interstate 10.

    Perhaps Japan is different.

    The Japan McD's President's quote was from 1971. I doubt the guy has a job today.

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    The Mcdonnalds in Japan have some quite strange items on the menu. I newer went to any "Makudo" as they call them in Kansai. I wonder if I should try an Ebi-burger next time I go to Japan?

    The US Embassy's homepage writes: "For those who want to taste something with a hint of familiarity, heading over to an American fast food joint may also be an interesting experience. McDonald's Japan offers items unheard of in the U.S. (except in Hawaii), such as the teriyaki burger, shrimp nuggets, the shrimp fillet burger, the tomato chicken fillet burger or the cheese demiglace burger".
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