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View Poll Results: What do you like about living in Japan ?

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  • Tasty and cheap food

    62 57.41%
  • Speciality restaurants, which means quicker service

    33 30.56%
  • Reliable trains

    62 57.41%
  • Huge department stores

    30 27.78%
  • Order and respect of authority

    44 40.74%
  • Peaceful people

    67 62.04%
  • Clean streets

    61 56.48%
  • Politeness and helpfulness of the people

    48 44.44%
  • Cute girls with a real sense of fashion

    43 39.81%
  • Mild and dry winters (in Tokyo at least)

    22 20.37%
  • Onsen (hot springs)

    46 42.59%
  • Japanese nature (better than in my own country)

    34 31.48%
  • Japanese seasons (more clear-cut than in my own country)

    26 24.07%
  • Matsuri (festivals) and other traditonal celebrations (setsubun, shichigosan, obon...)

    51 47.22%
  • Love hotels

    26 24.07%
  • The energetic atmosphere (of big cities)

    42 38.89%
  • Japanese TV

    31 28.70%
  • General non-religiousness of the Japanese

    35 32.41%
  • Non-argumentative character of the Japanese

    21 19.44%
  • Low taxes (by European standards)

    15 13.89%
  • Japanese aesthetics (wabi-sabi, sado, traditional architecture, gardens...)

    43 39.81%
  • The ability to integrate aspects of foreign cultures and systems

    21 19.44%
  • The relative lack of political debates and demonstrations

    17 15.74%
  • Japanese-style houses (with o-furo, tatami, kotatsu...)

    51 47.22%
  • The numerous mountains, good for hiking and skiing

    37 34.26%
  • Good service and attention to customers

    43 39.81%
  • How easy it is to move around cities in bicycle

    33 30.56%
  • The homogeneity of society

    16 14.81%
  • The original street pattern, with very broad avenues and very narrow back streets

    19 17.59%
  • The fact that Japanese banks don't charge monthly fees on bank accounts

    13 12.04%
  • Kitsch decoration (pink, neons, cute characters...)

    23 21.30%
  • The relax attitude toward sex (lack of Judeo-Christian shame about nudity, porn, etc.)

    36 33.33%
  • The kindness and interets showed toward foreigners

    29 26.85%
  • The blissful joy and excitement of Japanese women

    32 29.63%
  • The dedication to work of the "salarymen"

    12 11.11%
  • Shopping on Sundays

    35 32.41%
  • The ambiance music in train stations and cute voice of the announcers

    25 23.15%
  • The ease to set up a company in Japan (little redtape)

    10 9.26%
  • The numerous bilingual Japanese-English signs in big cities

    26 24.07%
  • The sense of honour (linked to the concept of "face" and "embarassment")

    26 24.07%
  • The customs of "omiyage" and "duty presents" (who doesn't like giving and receiving gifts ?)

    15 13.89%
  • Seeing women in kimono from time to time

    42 38.89%
  • The Japanese imperial family (the oldest in the world and still respected)

    15 13.89%
  • The abundance of convenience stores and vending machines

    49 45.37%
  • Fast-food restaurants serving more kinds of teas than soft drinks

    33 30.56%
  • The low cost or mobile/cell phones compared to the quality

    30 27.78%
  • Living in Japan made me know JREF

    16 14.81%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What do you like about living in Japan ?

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    Regular Member Chirpy9's Avatar
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    Jul 15, 2008
    Compared to India, I really like a few things about Japan like the trains of course, the nature in Japan, greenery, cute Obachans, department stores, neon lights, onsen, clean streets.
    But their is a flip side also.
    I'm a vegetarian, so can't comment much on food part.
    The fashion - I dont think Japanese women really have a sense of fashion. They follow Kata, a definite style. If it is the winters, it is short skirt with high boots, an overcoat. In summers, it is one-piece or short skirt and shoes. During my stay in Japan, that's what I have mostly seen and that's why this comment.
    Good service and attention to customers - Depends. I've been to vaious electronic stores and shops where the behavior of Japanese sales man was completely unacceptable. They literally start running away from you the moment they see you heading towards them with some query.
    I know why they do this but it looks very embarassing at the outset.
    Cute girls - Well, I guess they take the word 'Cute' quite seriously

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    Regular Member
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    Sep 23, 2008
    i like in japan alot of that and i love japanes pepole there are kind and sweet


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    Oct 16, 2008

    Thumbs up

    i like the technolojy in japan

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    Junior Member tinee92782's Avatar
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    Dec 1, 2008
    hello Rock Lee..I like your avatar..its one reason I love Japan.

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    Regular Member melon's Avatar
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    Sep 22, 2007
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    never been to Japan...will vote someday when i had the change to go there... :P

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    Regular Member Incognito69's Avatar
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    Dec 22, 2008
    Ofuro Banzai! Tatami Banzai! Futon Banzai! The Japanese traditional style houses is the cure to all nightmares unless I was watching ir reading Ayakashi stories at night. As I've mentioned in another post, I am a light and troubled sleeper but the nights in Japan were the best. We slept in futon on the tatami and I can roll around without having to worry that I might fall off my bed. The air was clean, the room was cosy though small. And the food was fabulous, just that we had to kneel throughout the meal.

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    I guess food would top my list, both home-cooked and restaurant. I'm not sure I'd call it cheap, but maybe it compares differently to Europe (I'm from the US). In addition to more traditional Japanese food you have things like the curry, the gyuu-don, panya-san, Japanese-Italian (including wafuu spaghetti) and Japanese-Chinese (sometimes you can't beat chahan, gyoza and beer). Sometimes I think of the country as one big izakaya: so much to try, so little time.

    Darn near a tie are onsen and sentou (my home ofuro loses points for all the upkeep). I've been to some truly gorgeous rotenburo with views of mountains or the sea, and even neighborhood sentou are an experience you just can't have in the States.

    The trains also make the list, but I'm a little more ambivalent. I enjoyed their convenience and being able to read during my commute. When it comes to rush-hour though, there's an element of "six of one, half-dozen of the other." Unlike in a US traffic-jam you generally are moving, but I've never had to be shoved bodily into my car by a white-gloved attendant.

    Just getting to explore a culture different from the one I grew up in was one of the greatest things, but I guess that would be true of any foreign country.

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    JREF Resident Alien Pachipro's Avatar
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    Jan 19, 2005
    Goodlettsville, Tennessee
    Kappa, I would've given you some good "rep" for your post above, but your profile says you have never been to Japan. However, from what you have written, either you have lived there or you copied from someone else. Which is it? Personally, I'd like to believe that you have lived there because you have "hit the nail on the head" so to speak and I'd like to commend you for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kappa
    but I've never had to be shoved bodily into my car by a white-gloved attendant.
    Then maybe you have never taken the trains in Tokyo during "rush hour".

    Just getting to explore a culture different from the one I grew up in was one of the greatest things,
    I agree wholehartedly.
    Do What You Love And You'll Never Work Another Day In Your Life!

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    Sorry, by "car" I meant my automobile in the States. I have indeed been sardined into Japanese trains.

    I've lived in Japan for about five of the last ten years, generally somewhere along the Tobu-Tojo railway. I'll have to see about fixing my profile.

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    May 31, 2009
    Never been to Japan ... But I'm sure planning on it... Maybe then I can vote... ;)

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    Banned Mike Cash's Avatar
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    Mar 15, 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Bunshinsaba View Post
    skills - there's teaching English and ... what else? Unless you have a high level business skill that not one of the 123 million J-people here have... you teach English.
    I don't have a high level business skill that not one of the 123 million J-people here have....and I don't teach English.

    Lots of foreigners in Japan don't teach English.

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    Junior Member
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    May 31, 2009


    I love Japan...and people

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    Junior Member
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    Jul 3, 2009
    I moved to Japan a year ago...living in Okinawa. I love Japan and I love the people. From the good customer service i get everywhere i go, nice phones, electronics, good food, nice clubs and beautiful women...oh and the nice beautiful beaches of Okinawa...no complaints from me.

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    Oct 21, 2009

    I Like J Pop

    I simply like J Pop

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    Heart Why Do i Like about Japan?

    "why do you like Japan?" My three mains reasons: *History *Festivals *Culture

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