As some of you may now i am an active advocate for those who are living under the thumb of oppression. I am going to take a stand and fight for Tibetan rights, because our government would rather support a peoples that want us dead (such as iraq).
I became inspired and well educated when Lamas (Tibetan monks) ccame to visit my city. I became friends with the lamas, and soon realized that a people of peace are being slughtered with destructive mechanisms, such as torture and prolonged prison sentences for minuscule reasons.
My question is, why has the US intervened with foreign conflict for so long (the war in the Philipines, the spanish-american war, the current war in iraq) but we fail to stand as an ally against Chinas Imperialist rule in Tibet.
i have a few answers for that:
The US sees no benefit for supporting Tibet in their time of need. The US sees that although Tibet is rich in natural resourses, we trade with other countries with little hassel.
The war in iraq is a big step in the US's original 'anglo-saxon' imperialist movement. The US has tried to annex many self-suffiaciant, independant countries (Hawaii is one, well the US already has them though) mainly because of the resourses that they had to offer. The US sought an oppourtunity with Cuba, thus the spanish- american war, to annex Cuba because of the sugar-cane trade.
The war in iraq at this point is most apprently futile, but the US still keeps on pushing for a democratic government when in reality the US is just looking for another country to trade with without being looked down on by the rest of the world stealing resourses (such is the case with China)
i have many more reasons..........
this post is not a debate post, nor is it to bash China as a whole. it is intended for the sole purpose of educating the peoples of the world on Tibets suffering peoples and the imperialist governements of the US and China.
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