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Thread: Hooters opens in China

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    Hooters opens in China

    Wow, I was pretty much surprised when I read this !

    Hooters Opens Restaurant In Conservative China
    Chain Began In Florida In 1983
    SHANGHAI, China -- The Hooters girls have come to China, orange hot pants and all.
    China's first Hooters restaurant opened in Shanghai last October.
    The chain began as a Florida beach bar in 1983. It now boasts more than 384 restaurants worldwide.
    The waitresses in China wear the same tight outfits as their American counterparts, despite the more conservative outlook of the country.
    "Have foreigners seen something like this anywhere else in China? No," said American customer William Ballard. "I think this is the first. I have traveled all over China. ... Anywhere you go, (it's) still very conservative."
    from : http://www.wgal.com/news/8986126/detail.html
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    I think the Chinese in China are rather fond of the American culture. I saw a report of a Tex Mex style restaurant opened in China that is very successful. Even MBA student from the states go there to interview him and ask him for advise for his success, as he only have something like primary school education, but yet very successful in his business. The Chinese after the opening up of China like to try new things. Surely many are still very conservative but it is changing.

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