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Thread: China 'selling prisoners' organs'

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    China 'selling prisoners' organs'

    "Top British transplant surgeons have accused China of harvesting the organs of thousands of executed prisoners every year to sell for transplants.

    In a statement, the British Transplantation Society condemned the practice as unacceptable and a breach of human rights."

    Chinese officials have denied the allegations


    Full Report;
    "In a statement, the British Transplantation Society condemned the practice as unacceptable and a breach of human rights.

    The move comes less than a week after Chinese officials publicly denied the practice took place.

    In March, China said it would ban the sale of human organs from July.


    The British Transplantation Society says an accumulating weight of evidence suggests the organs of thousands of executed prisoners in China are being removed for transplants without consent.

    Professor Stephen Wigmore, who chairs the society's ethics committee, told the BBC that the speed of matching donors and patients, sometimes as little as a week, implied prisoners were being selected before execution.

    Chinese officials deny the allegations.

    Just last week a Chinese health official said publicly that organs from executed prisoners were sometimes used, but only with prior permission and in a very few cases.

    But widespread allegations have persisted for several years - including from international human rights groups.

    Transplant tourism

    Professor Wigmore said: "The weight of evidence has accumulated to a point over the last few months where it's really incontrovertible in our opinion.

    "We feel that it's the right time to take a stance against this practice."

    The emergence of transplant tourism has made the sale of health organs even more lucrative.

    Patients increasingly come from Western countries, including the UK, as well as Japan and South Korea.

    Professor Wigmore described this as quite widespread and growing. He and his colleagues, he said, had all seen cases of British patients who had considered going to China for transplants. He really hoped, he added, that people would think very hard about whether they should.

    Secrecy surrounding executions in China has always made it difficult to gather facts.

    The Chinese authorities recently announced steps to tighten regulations. From July, selling organs will be illegal and all donors must give written permission.

    But the practice is lucrative and critics say much will depend on how well those rules are implemented."

    What do you think about all this?
    On one hand, it think it would be a good idea to use executed criminals organs more often, but consent for such a thing is still important even if they are prisoners. I think the using of murderers/serial killers organs would be quite appropriate to saving lives as these are people who have taken lives themselves, so i think they could help repay society back for their wrongs by giving lives via their organs once they have been killed/executed themselves, which would not be used anyway?

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    The container in the picture looks like something from a joke. It almost looks like a bigger version of Chinese take-out box, and the way it says "Human Kidney" makes it look kind of unofficial. Sorry, that was the first thing that caught my eyes.

    I think organ donation is up to individual's choice, and consent of the families should be the first step in the process.

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    More a comment on organ donation in general, but I think you should have to opt out of organ donation. I think saving people's lives is more important than what happens to their bodies after they die.
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    I think they actually do put organs in boxes that look like that.

    And I'm with Tsuyoiko. I think you should have to opt out of organ donation.

    I once told this religious "friend" of mine(son of a preacher and youth leader) that I was an organ donor, and he freaked out. He said that he wanted all of his organs when he got to heaven. I was thinking later, why would you need all of your organs in heaven? I thought you wouldn't need them in that case?

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    China is just embracing capitalism and all that goes with it.

    Interestingly (is that the right word?), Amnesty International thinks that the high number of State executions in the PRC (~1800 last year, although official numbers unavilable) is associated with the trade in body parts. It's a multi-million dollar industry. China has the highest rate of executions in the world.


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    Organ selling is going on in China. Take a look at this web site, organharvestinvestigation.net, which has reports on investigation into allegations of organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Practitioners of Falun Gong are the largest prisoners of conscience in China. They are being persecuted in China since 1999. Their organs are being extracted without consent and used to sell to foreigners for high profits. This is too brutal and inhuman practice going on in China.

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