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Oh,gs110,you change this topic to another one~
wait no more than 10 years ,Taiwan will return by its own willing~ any argument within this ten years won't make sense~
Give an example :
A son like the rich dad rather than the poor dad~so ,he want to leave the poor dad's family and to be the member of the richer one! but ,the richer one didn't accept him. If the poor dad become rich ,the son will return~
OMG, who give money to him , who is his dad~
There is some bad guys abet the son to separate from the family~
because these bad guys don't want the poor dad 's family become a puissant family~ A divisive family is what the bad guys desire~
Quote:A most recent poll in Dec 2004 shows, given a referendum vote on independence, unification or becoming a state of U.S., 41% of Taiwanese residents support independence, 24% choose unification and a 15% would be in favor of becoming a 51st state of U.S
The rich/poor dad example is a really narrow minded one. What deter most Taiwanese from joining China is the lack of democracy in China. Also after more than 100 years of separation, Taiwanese and Chinese have very distinct values and traits. There are many societal gaps between the two nations. If you look at Canada, USA, EU, they were all formed by "independent" states under similar economical and political environment. Unity under the slogan of nationalism sounds too vague and uncompromising for most Taiwanese.

By the way, contrary to a authoritarian state like China, Taiwan media doesn't necessary reflect the true public opinion. During the last 20 years, Taiwan has involved from a state-controlled public opinion to an independent public opinion. I am not suprise you linked media and public opinion as if they have direct relationship (true in most authoritarian nations).