"hegemony" nice word!! i had to look it up =)
anyways, why can't beijing just stay quiet? Taiwan has nothing to do with China except they speak (somewhat) the same language (only b/c of Nationalists) and have (somewhat) similar culture. plus, japanese colonization wasn't all that bad. before they came, the taiwanese already on the island peed on the streets. after they came, sanitation standards were all improved. infrastructure and the like were improved greatly.

plus, what Taro Aso said did not criticize or "defame" China at all. in my opinion, China should just stick to themselves and not mind other people's business. how is getting angry going to help China anyways? Beijing might as well use that time to improve China's infrastructure (e.g. healthcare, the lives of those underage, underpaid workers, etc).

i'm not quite amazed at what beijing did- it's pretty much expected. Beijing-Tokyo relations were always not good; it's not surprising that beijing would get apoplectic over a few statements justifying Japanese colonization.

one final thought: maybe japanese and americans are getting some "extra" benefits of taiwan-secession; but i believe it is in taiwan's best interests to declare formal independence. if china goes as far as to declare war, it is their loss. china-taiwan trading relations are very close; i.e. #1 on each other's lists of trading partners. it would be detrimental for china to bomb taiwan.

thanks for your thoughts 包龙星, I enjoyed talking to you =)