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Thread: Most used chinese chars and words

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    Wo, Ni, hao, quin, ai, xi huan, baba, mama, jie jie, mei mei... Hm... lol Ta
    Wo --> I/Me
    Ni --> You
    Hao --> Good
    Quin --> Kiss
    Ai --> Love
    Xi Huan --> To like ((The act of liking))
    Baba --> Father/Father in law
    Mama --> Mother/Mother in Law
    Jie Jie --> Big Sister/Big Sister in Law
    Mei Mei --> Little sister/Litter sister in Law
    Ta --> Him/Her ((Talking to about someone weither close or far))

    Oh... and be careful of what you say cause some words aren't nice together. lol If you know other words and add them together you can make bad words without using any grammer.... Such as... His/her mom ='s F*** you. If you dont say it correctly. xD

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