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Thread: China to vaccinate 14 billion poultry

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    China to vaccinate 14 billion poultry

    BBC News : China to vaccinate 14bn poultry

    Quote Originally Posted by BBC
    China has vowed to vaccinate all of its estimated 14 billion poultry to contain the spread of bird flu.
    The move comes as new outbreaks of bird flu were confirmed in several regions of China in the past month.

    So far there have been no confirmed human infections in China, although several cases are being investigated.
    China is producing more than 100m doses of bird flu vaccine a day but some areas were still reporting shortages, the ministry of agriculture says.
    More than 300,000 poultry had been slaughtered in two counties of the province, a WHO spokesman in Beijing said.
    At least we can't say they are standing idly by... That's quite a massive preventive operation that they are undertaking there. I can imagine the cost for 14bn vaccines ! Brr, that gives me goose skin.

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    I heard on the BBC today that 3 people in China have contracting bird flu. All three appear to work with birds.
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