Simple question. But for most people, the answer is far from easy. It took me some good thinking before making my list of all time favourites. Here it is :

Top 10 dishes (not necessarily in order) :

- Pasta (linguine, spaghetti, farfalle, lasagna...)
- Sushi
- Indian Curry (esp. Butter Chicken or Tikka Massala)
- Burritos & Enchilada
- Cheese Fondue
- Deer with cooked pears/apples and cranberry sauce
- Orange duck (canard a l'orange)
- Chicken a la Kiev
- Foie gras with onion jam and sweet white wine
- Israeli Felafel

Chinese food is great, but I couldn't come up with one particular dish that deserved to be in the top 10 all by itself.

Top 5 desserts

- Chocolate mousse (made with black Cote d'Or chocolate)
- Italian Ice Cream
- Pannacota
- Berries tartelette
- Fruit salad made of fresh (Asian) mango, melon, berries and orange juice