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Thread: China's rising fortunes vs challenges: Shenzhen

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    China's rising fortunes vs challenges: Shenzhen

    Shenzhen at 25
    By George Zhibin Gu
    Asia Times

    The list of world cities with over 10 million residents isn't very long, and mostly contains familiar names like Tokyo, Lagos, Rio de Janeiro, and New York City. But what if we were to ask: out of these megacities, which had a mere 20,000 residents only 25 years ago? Only one name would remain: Shenzhen, China.

    Shenzhen, a "special economic zone" (SEZ) located in south China's Guangdong province just north of Hong Kong, has become the economic locomotive of the region since it was founded 25 years ago as a kind of "laboratory" for market-oriented economic reforms. The city's annual growth rate since then, averaging 28% since 1980, has no equal in the world.

    The urban landscape left by the dizzying growth is awesome, with

    countless office towers, hotels, shopping centers and apartments. Observant visitors, after spending a bit of time in the city, might notice another odd fact: the average resident is in the twenties.

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    I went there this summer, it's indeed a nice city with loads of buildings and growing economy.But it's also for the richer people.Maybe it's because many students after graduation go work there for a company the biggest population are younger people.
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    Shenzhen is near to the HongKong, It is a well-know city all over China.It is a young city ,and also a paradise for the young people! In fact ,some of my classmate went there to find job. And they make a good living now~ .I am now wondering that should I also go there to have a try!

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