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Thread: What's your favourite part of Tokyo?

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    What's your favourite part of Tokyo?

    Tokyo is a huge city. It does not have one centre, but many, each with their own atmosphere and population type.

    The youths go to Shibuya, the old to Sugamo or Asakusa.

    Students are to be found north of the Imperial Palace, between Ueno and Nakano, where Tokyo University, Waseda University, Tokyo's book district (Jimbocho) and many other schools (notably around Kudanshita) are to be found.

    Ginza is the luxury district. Aoyama is also bourgeois with a French touch.

    Marunouchi, Otemachi and Nihombashi the main business/financial area. Shiodome has flashy skyscrapers.

    Shinjuku has a bit of everything, but is overcrowded.

    Personally, I like Central East Tokyo best, between Shiodome and Nihombashi, via Ginza. For modern buildings, restaurants and shopping, Roppongi Hills (although NOT the rest of Roppongi which is the area I dislike the most in all Japan), Shiodome and Shinjuku (EXCEPT Kabukicho).

    For traditional districts, Fukagawa.
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