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Thread: Big Japanese banks lose rank for capital, but show slight signs of recovery

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    Big Japanese banks lose rank for capital, but show slight signs of recovery

    Japan Times : Only MTFG, Mizuho make it onto list of top 10 banks

    Quote Originally Posted by Japan Times
    LONDON (Kyodo) Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. dropped to 15th in the world in terms of capital this year, leaving Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group Inc. and Mizuho Financial Group Inc. as the only Japanese entries among the world's top 10 banks.
    The benchmark of bank rankings shows that despite the drop in the number of Japanese banks in the top 10, the nation's banks are experiencing a significant turnaround, although they still have "a long way to go to achieve a full recovery."

    In terms of total assets, Mizuho Financial Group is listed as being knocked down to third place with $1.296 trillion from the previous year's first place. Switzerland's UBS is now in the top spot, with $1.53 trillion, and Citigroup Inc. of the U.S. second, with $1.48 trillion.
    The publication states that the country's profits should be double what they are and despite improvements, the cost-income ratio for Japan's 106 banks makes the nation the worst performer of the major economies, as in previous years, with only Argentina and Poland lower among the countries listed.
    Japanese banks are getting better. Now at least there is Argentinian and Polish banks that perform worse.

    Also noteworthy is that UFJ appeared as the second "worst profit performers" in the 1,000 bank list worldwide, while Tokyo Star Bank was the "highest movers" on the list.

    The recent privatization of the Japanese Postal Service means that the new Postal Bank should become the world's largest bank. So Japan keeps 3 banks in the top 10 after all.

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    Yeah the J Post Bank will be the one the politicians dip their dirty fingers into and make the country truly bankrupt.

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