Japan sees record foreign investment

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Foreign direct investment in Japan doubled in the year to April 2005, reaching a record US$37.5bn, while investment inflows surpassed outflows for the first time since records began, according to figures from the finance ministry released on Wednesday.
Although signs of recovery of the bubble burst in 1990 only start to appear, new regulations on foreign investment in Japan have prompted foreign companies, and especially European ones (as the US already enjoyed a special status), to take on the Japanese market.

I would say "finally the balance has been restored !". Ever since I came to Japan and realised the virtual absence of European companies in Japan, it always distrubed me that the Japanese were allowed to establish car factories and sell their electronics everywhere around the world and yet forbid the rest of the world to do the same on their land. But it's not over; the balance of trade is still in favour of Japan for the moment.