Japan Times : LDP official suggests moving war criminals from Yasukuni

A senior Liberal Democratic Party official suggested Sunday enshrining Class-A war criminals somewhere other than at Yasukuni Shrine, provided their families and shrine officials agree.
Better late than never. Let's hope that the families and shrine officials agree. If they don't at least the responsability will shift to them and release the tensions from the government. For some reason I fear this may just be why they are doing why secretly inciting them to refuse the move, so that nothing changes and other countries stop attacking the government.

"(It is desirable that) Yasukuni Shrine and the bereaved hold talks and voluntarily remove the Class-A war criminals from the shrine, and in return China support Japan's bid to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council," Nakagawa said.
Isn't it a bit much to ask for China to support Japan's bid to the UNSC in exchange for stopping worshiping its worst war criminals, which should be something natural and not the result of a political exchange. Otherwise Germany could just create a shrine dedicated to Nazi leaders, then ask the former Allies and victims to support its own bid to the UNSC in exchange for removing the shrine. So absurd ! Yet, Japan did not enshrine the 14 class A war criminals until 1978.