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Thread: Over One Million Withdrawals, Calls for Dismissing the Chinese Communist Party

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    Originally from Taiwan

    Over One Million Withdrawals, Calls for Dismissing the Chinese Communist Party

    Over One Million Withdrawals, Calls for Dismissing the Chinese Communist Party
    One-Half Million Withdraw in Less than One Month

    By Zhang Yihe
    The Epoch Times
    Apr 21, 2005

    On March 27, the total number of withdrawals from the Communist Party, Youth League and Young Pioneers exceeded half a million. In less than one month, another half a million have now withdrawn from the CCP. By April 21, the total number of people who have declared their withdrawals from the CCP, China Youth League and Young Pioneers on the Epoch Times website (http://tuidang.dajiyuan.com/) had exceeded one million. The Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party published by the Epoch Times last November has directly caused this wave of withdrawals.
    Worldwide Public Support for One Million Withdrawals

    To publicly demonstrate their support for the one million Chinese who have withdrawn from the CCP, over 150 Chinese groups from around the globe will join a March for Democracy and Freedom in New York City on April 23. Over 3,000 are expected to join this march. There will be similar activities in Asia (Hong Kong, Taipei, Japan), North America, Europe, and Australia (Sidney, Melbourne, Brisbane).

    The news of over one million withdrawals has spread to China. The educated people from Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hubei, Gansu, Ningxia, Guangxi and Guizhou, one after another, started to accept open interviews to support over one million withdrawals.

    The Nine Commentaries Impact High Level CCP Officials and Ordinary People

    Recently, the "Nine Commentaries" is known to have spread to high level CCP officials. Meng Weizai, the former Director of the Art Bureau of the Central Propaganda Ministry and former Vice Party Secretary of the China Literature Association, Guo Jidong, the Deputy Mayor of the Hejian city in Hebei Province, and Ding Ke, a former reporter for the Guangming Daily and former special agent of the CCP Security Department, have all resigned from the CCP. Meng Weizais resignation last December shocked China and lead a lot of experts and scholars to resign from the CCP.

    On Feb 28, forty-six senior staff members from the China Military Nuclear Industry withdrew from the CCP. These senior staff members were all elite Party members for 30 to 50 years.

    Mr. Lin Zhengyang currently lives in Seattle and is the founder of the China Overseas Army Pensioners Association. Lin used to serve in the East China Sea Fleet in the 1980s. When interviewed at one of the withdrawal service centers (set up by Epoch Times offices around the world to assist those who want to withdraw from the Party), Lin said that the "Nine Commentaries" were wide-spread among the Chinese army and were causing a great impact. The soldiers pass on the "Nine Commentaries" and discuss and question the military history of the CCP.

    Numerous Slogans Posted Calling for Eliminating the CCP and Withdrawing from the CCP

    Recently a lot of withdrawal statements and slogans calling for the elimination of the CCP have been posted in public places in various parts of China, including Jilin city in Jilin province, Xian city in Shanxi province, Baoding city and Dingxing county in Hebei province, Dalian city in Liaoning province, Hubei province, Nanning city in Guangxi province, and Jiyuan city in Henan province.

    The Clearwisdom website reported on April 19 that recently there were quite a few withdrawal statements posted near the Baoding city area train station, schools, parks and markets. Early in the morning on April 10, a lot of slogans saying Withdraw from the CCP, Try Jiang Zemin openly were posted near the streets in the east side of Xian city and Nanerhuan.

    On Qingming Day, the day the Chinese people show deceased relatives respect, in many grave yards in Nanning city in Guangxi province, there were slogans saying Heaven is eliminating the CCP, Withdraw from the CCP to stay safe and Heaven has given the Nine Commentaries to reveal the CCPs evil nature.


    This is great news.
    pa Republic of Taiwan.
    Freedom for Taiwan.

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    Please correct me if I am wrong. I remember it was in 1992; when they stopped rationing food, I wondered to myself in disbelief, "What has communism come to ?" People from the countryside were flooding to the major cities in search of jobs so they wouldn't starve. 12 yrs from then, the CCP itself is now showing signs of rapid decline & possible disintegration in the near future ? How are the hard core party leaders responding to this ? Will this lead instead to a major internal conflict like in 1989, or is it one big happy family ?
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    H: How do you know ? You're not fish.
    Z: How do you know I don't ? You're not me.
    H: True I am not you, and I cannot know. Likewise, I know you're not, therefore I know you don't.
    Z: You asked me how I knew implying you knew I knew. In fact I saw some fish, strolling down by the Hao River, all jolly and gay.


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    finally !!!! I hope the CCP will be gone soon enough and there will be more freedom for the people !
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    This is a classic example of what I'm talking about! Instead of shoving the belief and system of democracy down people's throats (like dumbass Bush), people are slowly starting to turn to it on their own at their own pace. I think this is great! Maybe get can finally get along in the world now instead of all this "Communism vs. Democracy" bullshit that we've had for the past 60 years.

    "Rather than offer you the illusion of free choice, I will take the liberty of choosing for you... if and when your time comes round again. I do apologize for what must seem to you an arbitrary imposition, Dr. Freeman. I trust it will all make sense to you in the course of... well... I'm really not at liberty to say. In the meantime... this is where I get off." -G-man

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    Originally from Taiwan
    Quote Originally Posted by lexico
    People from the countryside were flooding to the major cities in search of jobs so they wouldn't starve. 12 yrs from then, the CCP itself is now showing signs of rapid decline & possible disintegration in the near future ? How are the hard core party leaders responding to this ?
    The CCP is trying to make members pledge their loyalty again but it is not working. This news article has info about that:

    Throughout the country the government is encouraging its members to pledge their loyalty all over again in response to the tuidang, Chinese for withdrawal. As the resignations continue unabated it is reported that party officials have even gone so far as to force invalids and sick individuals to step forward and reaffirm their loyalty.

    One official party researcher said, Perhaps it is true that those of us who work in the heart of the CCP know and understand the nature of the CCP most clearly currently, my colleagues and I just regard this so-called Maintaining the Advancement as purely a show and joke; done in a very serious way.

    The rallying cries to re-invest in the CCPs ideology appear not to be stemming the tide of resignations.

    A typical withdrawal statement: Today, despite risk to my personal safety, I want to declare my withdrawal from the Communist Youth League.

    Another, from a police officer: Ive perceived the various evil deeds committed by the CCP and its regime, with no desire to wallow in the mire with it. After reading the 'Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,' I suddenly became enlightened in my heart. Therefore, I declare my resignation from the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Youth League and the Communist Young Pioneers.

    Those resigning from the CCP want others to know that they are resigning. The published statements sometimes include telephone numbers. Statements are posted in public places, such as the red notice pasted on a wall in Jilin as reported last week. The tide continues to rise.


    The CCP also harassed people who withdraw from the CCP like Huang Xiaomin. She was a olympic silver medalist swimmer now coach. Here is a part of the article:

    Huang Xiaomin, a coach for the South Korean National Swim Team and former Chinese Olympic athlete, declared her withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on December 12, 2004. As a result, the CCP started harassing her family members in China.


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    Originally from Taiwan
    China Is Changing- Press Conference Announces 1 Million Quit CCP

    By James Fish
    The Epoch Times
    Apr 23, 2005

    Delegates from several human rights organizations, pro-democracy groups, and various other NGOfs addressed the crowds gathered in front of the United Nations building in downtown New York this morning at a press conference proclaiming the resignation of one million Chinese citizens from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)
    Chinese people, spurred by The Epoch Times/ gNine Commentaries on the Communist Party,hand aided by The Epoch Times Tuidang website http://tuidang.epochtimes.com, are leaving the CCP at the rate of 20,000 per day. This is a harbinger of the eventual collapse of the CCP, and the transition of China to a freer, fairer system of government.

    This is an event similar to the fall of the Berlin Wall, and events like this press conference serve to give notice to the world that history is happening before our eyes.

    Many of the speakers at the event had grown up under Communist rule, educated by Communist propaganda. They spoke of the crimes the Party committed, how the Party protected its corrupt officials, ands how the Party turned the worst suffering of the Chinese people into pro-Party propaganda.

    Dr. Wang Zhiyuan was a member of the Peoplefs Liberation Army (PLA) for 25 years. He described how the CCP betrayed the army by using it not for but against the Chinese people.

    He quoted Mao Zedong, who said, gOnly by destroying a piece of society can we win peace for society. We must launch a ePolitical Movementf every 7-8 years.h

    gIn each ePolitical Movementf,h Dr. Wang said, gChinese soldiers were ordered to kill Chinese citizens. It was a great tragedy to be part of the Chinese Communist Army.h

    Dr. Wang described many gPolitical Movementsh and purges ordered by the CCP, which in total claimed the lives of 80 million innocent Chinese.

    Some of the gPolitical Movementsh (from a list prepared by the organizers):

    1) Land Reform, Suppression of Counterrevolutionaries Campaigns (1950–1952; 2.4–5 million killed)
    Under the guise of gland reformh and suppressing greactionaries,h within two short years Chinese authorities killed 2.4 million people, according to the CCPfs own figures. Some put the figure at 5 million.

    2) The Great Leap Forward (1959–1961; 30–40 million dead)
    In a terribly ill-conceived plan to double Chinafs steel production, the CCP essentially turned the nation into one large labor camp. The result: over 30 million starved to death, and the country was plunged into economic depression.

    3) The Cultural Revolution (1966–1976; 7–8 million killed or driven to suicide)
    The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution aimed for nothing less than destruction of all traditional Chinese culture and beliefs. The campaign reached such a frenzy that children would beat or even kill parents, teachers, and elders; many turned them in to authorities for torture or public humiliation. Killing became a way to prove onefs grevolutionaryh status.

    4) 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre (June 4th, 1989; 600–3,000 killed)
    The CCP leadership brought a violent end to months of student-led sit-ins and hunger strikes on Beijingfs Tiananmen Square by ordering armed military to take the Square by force. The unarmed students were gunned down or crushed under tanks in a horrific bloodbath.

    5) The gEradicationh of Falun Gong Campaign (1999–present; 5–7,000 est. dead, millions imprisoned)
    In July 1999 then-CCP-Chairman Jiang Zemin, resentful of Falun Gongfs popularity, ordered the peaceful group geradicated.h The ensuing campaign- violent and brutal- has been seen by many, like CCN Senior Analyst Willy Lam, as ga throw-back to the Cultural Revolution.h

    Also speaking was Sir Moshe Barr-Nea, a longtime peace activist. He spoke of his experiences with Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia; he stated that totalitarian governments like these, and the CCP, always choose innocent victims to promote their reign of terror. Sir Barr-Nea called for gan international movement to save the people of China from this Communist regime; it is the last outpost of communism and it must go.h

    Mr. John Patrick, Director Emeritus of the China Support Network www.chinasupport.net said, gThe Chinese government must answer for the June 4th Massacre [in Tiananmen Square.] Now is the time that they must face history. One million people quitting the CCP marks the beginning of the future for China.h

    Fei Liangyong, President of the German-based Federation for a Democratic China, said, gAnyone who can think independently, anyone who has a conscience, should not remain in the Communist Party.h Mr. Fei said that the free nations of the worlds must not compromise with the CCP, must not compromise their principles for perceived economic gain. He called on the free world to urge China to improve human rights, end censorship and reform politically. gThe democratic transformation of China is the key to global democracy,h he stated.

    Kathleen Quain, President of the Foundation for Health and the Environment, challenged Chinese President Hu Jintao to stop the torture of Chinese people immediately, and to instead support the health and well-being of the Chinese population. She asked Hu to put the resources now used to oppress Chinese citizens instead to restore the people and the environment of China to health.


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    Apr 21, 2004
    Originally from Taiwan
    Former U.S. Ambassador Says Chinese Communism Is Disintegrating, Global Grand Marches Are Historical

    The Epoch Times
    May 05, 2005

    On April 19, 2005, Mark Palmer, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Freedom House and former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, spoke at the Forum on gThe Nine Commentaries on the Communist Partyh at the National Press Club. Palmer believes that it is a turning point in history now. The Chinese Communist Regime is disintegrating. Once enough people come out against the regime, it will fall in 24 hours. Similar events have repeated in history. Palmer believes the Global Freedom and Democracy Grand Marches are of vital importance.
    Mark Palmer is currently the Vice Chairman of the Board of Freedom House, and was a famous U.S. diplomat, working as U.S. Ambassador to Hungary and the Assistant Secretary of State.

    Ambassadors of Democratic Countries Should Come Out

    Palmer said, g...it would be good for the ambassadors of democratic countries in Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere also to show by joining demonstrators and by other means. It would be important to show that the democratic nations of the world are on the side of the Chinese people. That they feel strongly that China deserves not only a modern economy but a modern political system.h

    gSo the center of the communist party at that time was ready to go. I think that all the people around know that the system is outdated, outmoded and wrong. I think that the security people and the army know that and the whole body politic knows that and thatfs why these commentaries are so important. Because it provides documented details of what they know, and does it vividly and powerfully. I think itfs going to happen.h

    Palmer said, g...itfs happening at the level of society and in China in my humble judgment. It happened years ago and itfs just waiting now for something to bring it all together; a banking collapse, something that will spark and there will be a Kyiv, a Chinese version. And people are going to go out and once you get enough people in the streets you can bring a regime down in 24 hours, wefve seen it again, and again, and again.h

    Palmer added, gSo I am absolutely confident and certain that the Chinese people will not tolerate this much longer. And I think this weekend and other events coming up will be very important in providing the confidence to the Chinese people that they can do it. That they can actually go into the streets in tens of millions and say, eEnough is enough. We want freedom.fh

    Current Elite Society Cannot Predict the Historical Change

    Palmer said, gThe one thing thatfs been consistent about western analogy, academic, CIA, etc. is that it never, ever predicts political change ... The great intelligence failure of our times was not WMD. Thatfs minor. The great intelligence failure were the refusal to recognize in Indonesia the students were about to throw out the old Suharto regime. The same thing in the Philippines, the same thing in Chile, the same thing in Argentina, the same thing in Central America, the same thing in Central Europe. Itfs absolutely consistent that analysts say itfs impossible before it happens. Who predicted the Ukraine for example, who predicted Turkistan, who predicted Serbia when it happened, who predicted Georgia and now all the great wisdom is predicting now that it wonft happen in Uzbekistan, it wonft happen in Saudi Arabia.h


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