Hmmm....we are quite alike in a lot of respects.

I don't travel anywhere besides going back to Canada (expensive in itself). But I love debating, and even getting owned, to further my own knowledge (a debate of free will vs determinsim comes to mind, wherein I was argueing for free will using a common argument for determinism. Go me!).

Anyhow, the only other place that I differ is that I dress very casually, even for my job at Berlitz.

Interestingly, as goods became cheaper, and therefore easier for the average person to buy, people bought bigger houses to store all the goods, most of which they never used. Bigger houses equal bigger mortgage and more interest. I'll endeavor to keep my possesions to what I deem necessary for life.

I also watch little TV, but I always have my music running on the computer. I do have very selective taste in music, so I very rarely buy a new album.