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A man showed me his dick inside the tram. This didnft happen in Japan but in France. When I realized it I stood up and walked quickly towards the door, not facing him, he realized that and stood up too and stood close by behind me. When it was my stop I ran out the door and ran towards a crowd of people waiting at the bus stop for the bus. He didnft dare to come near the crowd.
I told this to friends and family, one classmate said that I should be proud because that meant I was attractive. Others told me to take a picture of him and showed it to the police for if found guilty he would need to go to jail for 3 years.
Considering that I often get harassed by men in the tram, I have come to think that perhaps France should separate men and women in trams or metros like in some places in Japan.
Yeah, take a picture of him next time (if there is a next time ). Run away first, then take out your mobile phone and snap at him running after you.