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I could be wrong about this, but I think (generally speaking, mind you) that Japanese people care little about the local culture AND the local food. I've been on several tours in Guam and in Hawaii with Japanese tourists. All I really remember about those trips were the complaints ABOUT the local food and the inquiries about where can they find a good Japanese restaurant.
I say that I could be wrong about this because my foreign friends and I are always trying to find really good traditional Japanese restaurants. We want the full experience while we live here in Japan.
I guess then I should offer up this question to be fair to Japan:
How many people visiting or living in Japan go out of their way to eat Japanese food and experience Japanese culture?
I generally agree with Maciamo about the Japanese and their obsession with food, but you do make a point. I remember when I led a group of Japanese students around my university in America for one month as part of an exchange program. There were a few girls in the group that became "sick" because there was not enough rice in their diet. One girl even cried because she needed to eat rice. I kid you not. But most of the students were open minded and willing to try different foods.

Maybe after a few weeks (or days, depending on the person) their curiosity for foreign foods diminishes and they want rice and sushi again?

Of course, a good way to understand Japan's view on the outside world is to watch their TV. There are many travel shows, and most of the time the hosts are eating food and repeating the same three words over and over as if they were verbally challenged.


Again, not everyone is like this, but watch Japanese television or look at a travel guide and you'll see.