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Thread: Are Japanese more hypocritical with foreigners ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad pierrot

    Good stuff. The question is, how do idiot foreigners get treated?
    With compassion and patience, at least on Okinawa. And we have given them cause to show both.

    I have to admit Maciamo, I have never experienced this walking the streets of Naha, or any other town on Okinawa. Of course, they may be more accustomed to the presence of gaijin on their streets because of the greater density of US military personnel, dependants, and even tourists than the residents of Tokyo experience. Except during the brief periods of political madness that seem to sweep the island about once each year, the Ryukyan people are the most patient, forgiving, and tolerant I have ever known...perhaps because we have compelled them to endure and tolerate so much foolishness, I dunno.
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