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Thread: Stars at Japanese hotels and restaurants

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    Stars at Japanese hotels and restaurants

    I was wondering whether the Japanese government gives stars to hotels (or diamonds for B&B/guesthouses) like in many Western countries. In some countries (eg. France) hotels always have an official plate outside indicating the hotel name and number of stars. I have never seen that in Japan, and stars seem to be indicated only for 4 and 5-star hotels, which are often geared toward an international clientele.

    Similarily, I haven't heard (although I asked a few people) of the practice of giving stars to restaurants, like the Michelin's Red Guide (which doesn't seem to exist for Japan anyway).

    Does anybody know something about this ?

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    Hello, Maciamo-san!

    Taiehen osewa ni natte imasu!! Thank you for the forum. I enjoy this forum so much, I'm having trouble concentrating on my job...

    I've never heard of any Michelin Guide type of thing for Japan, but I have heard a couple of years ago that Zagat Survey does that for Japan--at least for Tokyo. I have seen the book on sale at bookstores.

    However, women like us go by word of mouth...

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