How can we express the meaning of "argument",in the sense of a set of reasons given to support or prove something - e.g. an argument for (or against) death penalty ?

I have checked several dictionaries and asked some Japanese explaining exactly what I meant, but there doesn't seem to be a single word in Japanese that means "argument".

I have found these translations, but they do not mean the same kind of argument.

議論 => argument in the sense of discussion or dispute
論争 => controversy, dispute, debate
口論 => argument in the sense of quarrel or dispute
論点 => main topic, major issue, point in question (at issue)
論拠 => the ground(s) of an argument
理由 => reason, cause; excuse, pretext

I kanji 論 itself coneys the idea of logical argument, but also of theory, doctrine, opinion, discussion, dispute, controversy, discourse, debate, essay, treatise or comment.

How could I for instance say the sentence : "find 5 arguments for and 5 arguments against death penalty" ?