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Thread: Comparing Japan and the world => tolerance & prejudices

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    A criminal record could mean anything though - It's a massive umbrella term.

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    "Don't know which one or I don't know if you're naturalised or not, but the US govenment keeps biometric info of your wife or yours forever."

    What is your proof for that claim? How is this biometric data collected, and by whom? Exactly what biometric data are you talking about?

    My Japanese wife, who's now a naturalized US citizen, was never subjected to the US government's collection of biometric data. The only government that ever did that to her was the Japanese government, when she worked for the Consulate here. They took her fingerprints and required her to get annual medical tests and exams, with the results turned over to the Japanese government.

    I suppose they have spies that follow us around, peeping in our windows, eating donuts in the morning with their FBI buddies.

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