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Thread: Best bakeries in Tokyo and Japan

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    Best bakeries in Tokyo and Japan

    What do you think are the best chains of bakeries in Tokyo or Japan ? No need to take single, isolated bakeries into account as they are too numerous.

    In first position, I'd put Kobeya Kitchen. Just try anything and it will be delicious. What's more the range of its products, especially breads, is simply amazing. You'll find branches in Shibuya station (in front of the Ginza-line entrance), in the Ebisu Atre, in Ginza (between Wako and Yurakucho), etc.

    Another institution is Kimuraya. Like Kobeya, it has a great variety and also has a restaurant section. There is a branch in front of Matsuya Ginza.

    After that, Vie de France is more of a French-style bakery, a bit cheaper but really good.

    In the same line the Danish-sounding Andersen Bakery is also wothwhile of your attention. I remember a branch in the Atre in Ueno Station.

    The most famous chocolate croissants, always warm, are those of Cafe Saint Marc. For just 130yen, you can't pass in front of it without buying one. You can find it in Omote-Sando (near Meiji-Jingu-Mae et JR Harajuku Station).

    I don't recommend the chain Hokuo.

    If you are after cakes rather than pastries and bread, the most popular chains are Cosy Corner and Almond. They usually have a restaurant inside, but beware that they'll charge you an expensive cover to sit inside. So if you are short on money, take the cheese cakes and Napoleon pies away instead. The Almond in front of Roppongi Station is a favourite meeting place. It's quite expensive though.

    Feel free to add more places to the list.
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