BBC News : Japan mulls multicultural dawn

Faced with calls to relax immigration restrictions, the government has shown some flexibility. The immigration bureau is in talks with the Philippines about accepting Filipino care workers - badly needed to help look after Japan's elderly.
I always hear of Phillipinos as the ideal immigrant to become care workers for the elderly. Why them in particular and not others ?

The difficulty, however, comes when considering unskilled labourers, who are currently not allowed to work in Japan.
"In 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, you have to ask yourself who is going to be finding the holes in the tunnel and patching them up so people don't die, who is going to be climbing the buildings to wash the windows, who is going to be building bridges and fixing bridges, and the answer is you don't have these people," he said.
I understand that this is to reduce potential social problems and crime rate (as unskilled labourers earn less and are more likely to commit cirmes in the need). But the fact is that Japan will need them above all. Not because Japan lacks unskilled labourers of its own (there are plenty of them), but because they prefer being unemployed than doing the dirty or dangerous jobs.