BBC News : Chinese Muslims forge isolated path

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Ningxia province is the heartland of Islam in China - and the base of Hong Yang, a Muslim leader who commands a million Chinese followers.

Islam with Chinese characteristics, in Ningxia province
Religious freedom is laid down in the Chinese constitution, but Hong Yang admits there are limits.

"It depends on how you interpret the word freedom. Our religious freedom cannot compare with other countries. We're only free to practice within the boundaries set by Chinese law and policy," he said.

"But we don't want to overstep those limits, as that might create conflict and instability for the whole society."

Spreading the faith is a duty for Muslims, but for the 20 million Muslims in China, it is only allowed within the confines of a mosque.

China's atheist leadership distrust all whose loyalties might be split, especially those for whom religion is a higher calling.

Its strategy is to bind religious leaders into the communist hierarchy.