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  1. , . Why is it whenever a nation tries to...

    , .

    Why is it whenever a nation tries to defend itself against bleeding heart liberals and internationalist are they( Japan) called revisionist ?
    It simple shows that you are bias and that...
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    No reason

    There is no reason to become a Japanese national at all. The very social foundations of this country was architecturally designed to be homogeneous as far back as Yamoto aska jidai. For centuries...
  3. Again, not enough facts. You pull wikipedia...

    Again, not enough facts. You pull wikipedia again which only gives you world population figures as a whole. Furthermore, you wouldn't have any idea who were civilian nor non-civilian given the...
  4. Soft spot


    So, what's your overall conclusion on this ? I think it's personally disgusting to listen to someone prove an island nation alone was personally responsible for killing the most ...
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    I read a post of yours on another thread yesterday and don't remember where but you made a good point regarding the sanctity of honoring the Chinese victims who were fallen by Japanese soldiers first...
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    Sticky: Poll: This is why I came to Japan !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Listen

    Open up another thread first and then I will condemn but not here and not now, understand ? I don't want to highjack someone else's thread as I wouldn' t want mine highjacked either and you...
  8. It's uncharacteristic of me to runaway Lexicon

    You wanted me to stay away from this topic, remember ? Now, you are trying to egg me along by trying to make me apologize for something I have nothing to apologize for ?

    I will not apologize...
  9. I didn't apologize

    I didn't apologize
  10. ok

    Well, I prefer not to leave any stones unturned, so out of respect for the OP I will back away from this topic for now.
  11. I see...

    Thank you for bringing up my non sequitur but it was in the wee hours of the morning when I made the post.
  12. Give them what they want

    What needs to be understood is that Japanese salarymen flew to China and paid Chinese women to have an orgy, there is nothing wrong with that if it's in China ! The Chinese and the Koreans complain...
  13. Maybe we need to get rid of you.

    Clarify your remarks ?
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