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    The original comments by A ke bono and the URL lookup by Caster51, which I can't read, but I understood what the gist of the chart means, makes me conclude this could be the start of an exceptional,...
  2. Wow! Fount of all knowledge.

    AJsan, Your quotes...

    "Except -chan is a rather late arrival in the honorifics category, generally being considered a corruption of -san, which itself is a corruption of the older -sama."
  3. Poll: Symbolism, number 16

    More on the 16 rays of the sun, and Venus, this time from the book...

    Voyages of the Pyramid Builders, pages 73, 74, 75... Dr. Robert M. Schoch and Robert Aquinas McNally...

    "Some of the...
  4. Poll: 16 rays of the Rising Sun, extremely historic!

    I am very often, validly criticized for my gover the toph theories, and so be it!
    But the 16-pointed Japanese flag is so ancient, so historic, my vote is emphatically, do not let it go!

    Too much...
  5. 4321go... I am not sure America has any...

    4321go... I am not sure America has any "nationalist threat" at home. We have the Republicans who are in power, and they criticize the Democrats, and spread false rumors, and I guess the same is...
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    Poll: Other DNA websites of interest here

    I would like to share some websites with a similar discussion group in Asia... discussing DNA distribution of the world in general, and Asia/China/Japan/Korea in particular.

    The first website is...
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