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  1. the book

    hm yeah i want a copy too. but the part where to borrow loan sharks without interest...i dont believe that..once you borrow from them u have to or ese there goes a pinkie finger.
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    Sticky: Poll: integra

    true true. in aus they dont sell the integra dc2!!! i never seen one in real life only in initial d! the only integra i saw was a dc3, dc5(rsx), and these really old one. (sti is wats it called i...
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    Poll: blood

    how come on the pole theres no A asain :(
    well i tink im a or b+ something like that not sure
  4. Poll: gifts

    well at my place new gifts can be anything but i dont think we get money unless its chinese new year *waits for chinese new year*
  5. Poll: dramas

    what are some japanese dramas?
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