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    Poll: animation ?

    Oh, I think I knew that from the start.
    Animation as per some dictionnaries :
    3) Movement, liveliness, generally collective. To put the animation in a group.
    2) ardor, ardor bet in an action,;...
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    Poll: sasuke

    not sure, but it's a good animation... :D
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    Poll: >Tarzan

    no, Tarzan is white because the story was written by a white writer, and was played by Johnny Weissmuller.
    If a Japanes had written the story, Tarzan would be the descendant of a proud japanese...
  4. really ?

    well, it will mainly depend on a lot of things, but since I only take showers with someone I know extremely well, I would probably still say that...

    Do you take showers with strangers ??? LOL...
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    Poll: ok

    yes, good, I agree that we can be proud of the technological and industrial state of Japan.

    yes, this success have negative sides, and you mention some of them, important ones.

    I'm not sure...
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    Poll: far west

    yes I think everyone agree with you
    but you don't say if you like it or not
    (you'll probably answer that there is nothing you can do about it, no ?
  7. soap story

    whatever must happend will happend, anyway, so what's the worry ?
    but, if you are affraid, you can take a bath (two by two, too)
    if not, dont choose any of the two solutions (not really recomended...
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    Poll: ... thinker

    A thinker, yes, careful... I don't knos.. Have too many times in trouble speakin too fast... and telling it like it is...

    Yes, I'll be back, and I'm allready all over this forum... in all kind of...
  9. Shhhhhh

    Don't calll Ippolito san dude, mate, it ain't nice, and it's a nice & respectable forum here. From one aussie to another one.

    And as long as you are not within the "3 people that's bad", everybody...
  10. different views

    Dear Ippolito, thank you for your respect, I do appreciate and also, I DO have good reason : I'm born like that, Thank you to whoever is the donator of such a great present. I would never change...
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    Poll: not wrong nor right

    Yes it's pertinent, and although we might have different point of views and perception (or way to speak about it) we are basically not completely wrong and not completely right.

    It's an intricate...
  12. only you can tell, Ippolito

    well I have never ever had experience with a man, of course, but I know and understand what love can do to two human beings. So it should not be too difficult for you to understand what love...
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    Poll: the shift of continents...

    Yes good remark, Maciamo ! As time goes by and that continents shifts in extremely slow motion, the countries that are built on those continents will have a tendency to move extremely fast from "east...
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    Poll: we all do... skimming !

    Sorry, I just do not completely agree with the term "globalization", simply because, if you look in a dictionnary, it means roughly "putting everything on the same level" and the actual globalization...
  15. a bed ??

    Yes, you do that, buy her a ring, but try to get OUT of her bed from time to time, there is a little housekeeping to be done outside !!!!!
    but of course, I think you are basically right !!!
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    Poll: I agree

    I agree with both sentences. It's an interesting thread well brought up by Maciamo. Thanks.

    As for wether we are westerners or esterners will specifically depend wher you stand and wether you are...
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    Poll: Quechuans

    Bolivia and Peru are composed of more than 50% Quechua (former Inca kingdom) and still speak Quechua.

    Very good thread Maciamo, obviously lot of researches, and I'll would...
  18. showers...

    take a shower, two by two. it'll save water, soap and time...
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    skirts & me

    HI, MSihingen,
    Yes you're right I am a female and not otherwise. That's why I'm an expert and can tell you it's great.. No I' was not referring to your posts in above thread, but I went and had a...
  20. repetition : non

    No way and don't worry, the ones that build planes know better than that. they wouldn't do something like that, nor for trains either.
  21. haaaaa. men !!!

    Come on Frank, we know this happend, but they were talking about pilots falling asleep... so where were the hostesses ?? Are you reading playboy FranK ? Naughty !!! LOL
    the "tasks" I'm talking...
  22. I agree Ippolito

    [QUOTE=ippolito]To jolan

    About marriage....I had 2 wife........and long stories...
    I am agree to be free....but now perhaps you are young when you will older
    perhpas you will need to stop ...
  23. sleepy pilots and train conductors

    Frightning, however !!! 2 "responsable" pilots assleep at the same time ?

    That seems to be quiet impossible *, since the automatic pilot in a plane will ask a "referal question" every 10 minutes...
  24. good advice

    well, it seems so, anyway.
    With my tremedous experience (?!?!?) I can't be of any help excepted with the saying of a well known chinese philosopher : don't get into easythings, they usually are the...
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    a real man

    you said
    well, see, it depends on what you consider a 'real' man. if you considera guy a real man just because he has a high testosterone level...

    Well, of course not, on the contrary. A real...
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