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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

What is the Infraction System?

In order to help keep Wa-pedia running smoothly in a (family-)friendly and mild-mannered fashion, we have an infraction system. An 'infraction' is like a penalty for an act of commission or omission which violates the Forum Rules.

What's the difference between a warning and an infraction?

The system is set up with a Warning mode and an Infraction mode. The items under each mode are the same, and each item carries a point with an infraction, but none with a warning. When a member recieves an infraction, that member in effect recieves a point or several points.

I received an infraction, am I going to be banned from the forum?

There are several different kind of infractions, for every infraction you will receive points. A total of 10 points will bring a ban for 10 days, 15 points will bring a ban of 3 months, and 20 points will bring a permanent ban. See under for the different kind of infractions.

Infraction types

I received an infraction, but I disagree with that. Can the infraction be removed?

You can send a PM to the admin's and moderator that have given you the infraction to make your case. We will discuss it in the staff section, and if we decide it indeed wasn't necessary we can remove the infraction.

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