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Country flag does not match IP location

Forum Rules stipulate that a member's flag (displayed with every post automatically according to setting) be of the country in which a member physically resides. If a member travels to another country for a few days and, for example, posts from an internet cafe or the likes, it is not necessary to change the flag setting. If a member is in a different country than where they usually reside for a long period, however, the flag should be changed to show that. 1 point/ 12 months

Inappropriate language

#!, if you catch my drift, is not allowed. This item relates to rules numbers 1, 3, and IMPORTANT NOTICE. Please keep in mind that judgement on giving a member an infraction for inappropriate language will sometimes depend on how a particular moderator or administrator sees it, and/or circumstances. 1 point/ 3 months

Posting in the wrong category/subforum

Starting a thread on the benefit of the traditional Japanese diet in the Entertainment sub-forum, is posting in the wrong category/subforum. Each forum and sub-forum has a title or theme and it is important to pay close attention to these before starting threads or, in some cases, even posting. There are times when a member may not be sure of which (sub-)forum to open a particular thread in, and in such cases it is good to express that uncertainty in the opening sentence of the new Opening Post (OP). A staff member can then move it to a more correct location without (depending on a number of variables) giving the poster a warning or infraction. Please do keep in mind that IMPORTANT NOTICE of the Forum Rules is applicable here too. 1 point/ 12 months

Signature rule violation

Please see rule number 12 (forum rules) for this. If you have questions or need help, please contact an administrator by Private Message (PM). 1 point/ 12 months

Non-respect for moderation warning

There is a margin for individual judgement here, yet the general matter is understandable enough--if a team member asks a member to do or not do a certain thing, and that request is not complied with, a warning or an infraction may follow. If a non-official (soft warning) is given by PM, or post, or an official warning via the Infraction System is recieved, and yet a member does not comply, that member can expect an infraction. Also see IMPORTANT NOTICE under Forum Rules. 2 points/ 3 months

Insulted other members

Care must be given this concept here. There will always be those who feel some emotional connection with whatever, and whose emotional state will be aggravated by certain comments related to that whatever. This item is not concerning that circumstance (up to a certain level of intensity). Therefore, for example, if one member states that a certain religious belief-system is teaching falsehood (within certain limits of intensity) and an adherent of that system feels emotional hurt, and thus reports that post (see rule 1, section b) this item will not apply. This item relates mostly to numbers 1, 3, and IMPORTANT NOTICE of the Forum Rules, and is much more related to personal attacks than general matters. This does not mean that a member cannot recieve a warning or an infraction for insulting any other member(s) in a given manner to a certain degree of intensity. 3 points/ 3 months

spammed advertisement

"That's a good point" (first post, thread A), "I didn't know that" (second post, thread B), "I sell cheap shoes...see the list below" (third post, thread C)--nice try, but that's spamming, and members who come here most obviously for that purpose will be permanently banned without warning. This item is not for such members, but is for those who are regular and yet spam. Spamming which means a financial exchange will be dealt with most heavily, but there is also belief-system orientated spamming too--be it religious or political in nature--and such will be dealt with on a case by case basis. This item primarily relates to rule number 8. 5 points/ 3 months

Uploaded MP3 file or other illegal file

This item needs no explanation. It relates to rules number 7, and 12 of the Forum Rules. 5 points/ 12 months

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