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May 20, 2010, 10:01
Tokyo is a huge metropolis. Most people live in apartments or small houses. But where do the super rich live ? What's Tokyo's equivalent of Beverly Hills or Upper East Side, where celebrities or big company owners have their villas ?

According to a ranking I found on a Japanese site, the up cust resides in these neighbourhoods :

Setagaya Ward

- Shōtō
- Seijō
- Tsurumaki

Ōta Ward

- Denenchōfu
- Todoroki

Meguro Ward

- Aobadai

Minato Ward

- Shirokanedai
- Higashi Gotanda
- Minami Aoyama
- Minami Azabu

Bunkyō Ward

- Kohinata

Many rich Tokyoites have a second residence in the mountain resort of Karuizawa (http://www.wa-pedia.com/japan-guide/karuizawa.shtml).

The municipality with the highest average income in Japan is Ashiya (芦屋) between Kobe and Osaka.

A ke bono kane kotto
Jun 4, 2010, 05:00
I wonder what Japanese villas look like. Is there any Californian style villas with swimming pool and tennis court in those rich neighbourhoods ? Anything fancy looking like European castles ?