View Full Version : Japanese shy on kissing, but free when it comes to nudity and porn

Feb 7, 2003, 10:38
Here is an article from the Japan Times (http://search.japantimes.co.jp/member/member.html?nn20030207c3.htm) that pinpoints an aberrant contradiction of Japanese society and sensibilities. How comes that Japanese society frowns upon kissing in public (something totally acceptable in Western countries) but has no problem whatsoever with public nudity (e.g. in public baths and hot springs) or people reading porn magazine openly in the metro ?

The modesty widely viewed as a Japanese trademark ...

How does that explain rampant pornography and the extreme popularity of onsen and public bath (for which I am too pudical to go, which makes Japanese laugh because they don't care much about modesty).

Worldwide, 70 percent of those surveyed give their kisses at least an 8, and 24 percent give themselves a 10. However, in Japan, where 200 people were surveyed, only 10 percent of the respondents say their kisses are perfect, with the largest number of people -- 46 percent -- opting for the more "average" marks of 5, 6 and 7. Of the Japanese men surveyed, 10 percent say their kisses rate between 1 and 4, in contrast to the global figure of 4 percent. For women, 4 percent of all respondents rate their kisses between 1 and 4, while the corresponding figure for their Japanese counterparts is 15 percent.

So what ? It's just that they don't overestimate themselves. It's just a matter of reference and way of rating. If you consider that 5 is the average and 10 is the perection that can only be achieved by a few people in the world, then I expect most results would revolve around 4 and 6. Did they give directions on the meaning of the score (e.g. 0 = never kiss, 1= worst imaginable, 2=...) ? Probably not. That disappoint me from professional international surveyist. I would never trust results from this company.